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Clawpack employs high-resolution Godunov-type methods with limiters in a general framework applicable to many kinds of waves. Originally developed in by Randall LeVeque, Clawpack is now contributed to by many developers and includes a number of related projects. See About this software for more details. About this software¶. Clawpack stands for “Conservation Laws Package” and was initially developed for linear and nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation. If you get compilation errors in this step, or if you do not plan to use PyClaw, you can still use the Classic, AMRClaw, and GeoClaw version; see Install other.

Contents. Full Table of Contents. Overview and Getting Started; Examples and Applications; Classic, AMRClaw, and GeoClaw. Using the Fortran codes. The $CLAW/geoclaw directory contains a specialized version of some Clawpack and AMRClaw routines that have been modified to work well for certain. from import examples claw = examples. () claw. run() (). Features: A hyperbolic PDE solver in 1D, 2D.

Clawpack is distributed under the terms of the Berkeley Software Distribution ( BSD) license. See http://www. php for more. GeoClaw (formerly known as TsunamiClaw) is now part of Clawpack (starting in Version ). Clawpack containing also earlier releases. The book Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Problems contains detailed descriptions of the algorithms used in Clawpack, and many examples with associated Clawpack code. CLAWPACK is a software package designed to compute numerical solutions to hyperbolic partial differential equations using a wave propagation approach. Please browse using the menu to the left. Some new features: CLAWPACK Version is now available (as of April 8, ) Download. See the Documentation for.


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